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Author Index – authors’ names starting with ‘C’:

Caddick, Mrs H C
Cadell, Cecilia Mary
Campbell, Dorothea Primrose
Campbell, Margaret
Carey, Joanna
Carver, Mrs
Cathcart, Miss
Cavendish-Bradshaw, Mary Ann
Charlton, Mary
Cheap, Eliza
Cheney, Harriet Vaghan Foster
Clark, Emily
Clarke, Elizabeth
Clarke, Lady Olivia
Clifford, Frances
Colpoys, Mrs
Cooper, Cecilia
Corbett, Margaret
Corbett, Marion
Cordova, Cordelia
Corner, Julia
Corp, Harriet
Costello, Louisa Stuart
Cottin, Sophie Ristaud
Craik, Helen
Craven, Elizabeth
Croker, Margaret Sarah
Crumpe, Miss M G T
Cullen, Margaret
Cursham, Mary A
Cuthbertson, Catherine

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